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Christianity is ready for a revolution. Gone will be the focus on the self, in will be the focus on Messiah, His Kingship and His LOVE! He is going to reign soon, and it will be good to get use to the idea now in our spirits.

A great rescue is at hand, Israel will be rescued from the nations and go to their own land. Gentiles will be rescued from a lifestyle of sin, to a lifestyle of obedience and blessings.

In both this actions of rescue, the glory of the Lord will be seen, and His Name will be glorified through out the whole earth. There will be an understanding of our positions as sons/daughters of the Most High G-d over all the earth.

Poor people will become rich, and rich people will become richer, prosperity and peace will rule the day for the children of Abba Father. There will be a gratefulness when we understand that He has created us for his pleasure, His Name will be revered and He will be worshiped in spirit and truth. His Name will be glorified throughout the whole earth. Those who will not acknowledge His Name will die in shame and confusion.

If you want to live a lifestyle of peace and joy, come join His Army! In the end times His army will become stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger. The power and strength of heaven will become the way we operate from day to day. ANGELS will meet us and communicate with us, all because we fear His HOLY NAME.

If you want to be part of this great outpouring of love for those who acknowledge His Name, and share in their blessings, change your lifestyle from one of rebellion to one of obedience to Him and His Words.

No longer will people hate Him, they will fear Him, no longer will nations hate Israel, they will fear her, no longer will people hate you, they will fear you. This is your INHERITANCE as sons of the Most High Creator.

We will speak words of Blessings, and that blessing will be immediate through the power of the Spoken Word, the Word of Father will do it, immediately.